Road Bikes 2013

2013 Cannondale Road Bikes

Cannondale has a fantastic offering for 2013 with high-value performance across the line. At the top, you’ll see the new Black Inc. Edition bikes (similar to previous “Ultimate” models) with stealth aesthetics and premium performance. Midrange models have higher value with a number of new component picks. New base models in CAAD8 and Synapse Alloy make getting a Cannondale road bike more attainable than ever before. Whether you’re looking for your first road bike or upgrading to “the best bike in the world”, we have the perfect bike for you.

SuperSix EVO

“The best bike in the world.” What’s better than that? Tour magazine in Germany crowned the EVO “the best bike in the world” in March 2012. EVO is the perfect blend of weight, stiffness, strength, smooth-riding compliance, handling, and aerodynamics. Continuing on from the incredible success of the EVO, Cannondale offers this year’s EVO in a wide range from the $12,000 Black Inc. edition down to the $4,000 EVO 2 with the new SRAM Red. An incredible amount of technology is packed into the EVO that comes from years of cutting-edge advancement from Cannondale. If you’ve watched any professional cycling this year, no doubt you’ve seen the Liquigas-Cannondale team doing some amazing things on the EVO. Peter Sagan, Ivan Basso, Timmy Dugan all choose EVO.


SuperSix Full Carbon

Carrying on with the SuperSix full carbon from the past couple of years, SuperSix gives you Pro Tour performance at an affordable price. Whether you are racing on a budget, or just racing down the street, there is something special about the SuperSix. Get into a full-carbon race bike at a better price than ever.



We ran out of CAAD10’s for 2012 thanks to its high tech Smartformed alloy frame and EVO-inspired fork and exceptional value. The CAAD10 has a better ride quality and lighter weight than most competitors carbon offering… and it’s aluminum. Cannondale pioneered aluminum bicycle technology when the options were steel or steel and has continued that legacy of innovation to increase performance for over 40 years. Taking design cues from the full-carbon EVO, SuperX, and F29 Carbon, the CAAD10 is at the top of many reviews and comparisons. Come see and ride one for yourself.



CAAD8 continues to be the entry-level blend of performance and value. A new base model for 2013 comes in at just $750. Quit looking for used and heavy no-name online only bikes and come see the CAAD8. CAAD8 uses similar design and technology as the CAAD10 with a modest amount of SAVE giving good handling on bad roads (and comfort), asymmetrical chainstays resist flex for speed and pedaling efficiency, and a slightly more upright riding position for comfort on the longer rides. Don’t confuse its mediocre price with its high-level ride.



Synapse Carbon has been an industry benchmark for smooth, comfortable performance since the original model came out years ago. The original SAVE technology came from Synapse and has been improved and refined over the years. This is the smoothest riding Synapse yet. Whether you choose the carbon or aluminum frame, Synapse is for the rider looking to do longer rides and ride on rougher roads… its an adventure bike. Centuries and charity rides? This is your bike. Synapse Carbon puts the rider in a comfortable riding position that is more upright than a race bike. The Synapse is often chosen by beginning triathletes looking for a smoother ride so they aren’t exhausted and beat up heading into the run.


Slice RS

Narrow is aero. Slice RS has been in development for many years with one goal: make the fastest bike. Taking technology further, the Slice RS has incredible lateral stiffness for better power transfer and stable handling. The Naero-Tec external steerer fork reduces frontal area for aerodynamics and double clamp design improves stiffness (looks like the clamp section on Lefty mountain bike forks, right?). CFIT modular fit system allows a wide range of adjustment to the stem length and height. And using Cannondale’s SAVE anti-vibration system, the Slice RS is as comfortable and vertically compliant as the EVO road bike. Yeah, its amazing.


Slice Carbon

The Slice Carbon time-trial/triathlon bike is high-tech and well priced. Using technology pioneered on the Synapse, the Slice is one of the most comfortable TT/tri bikes on the market today. Athletes on the Slice have won Ironman (and Ironwomen) races for years. It isn’t the most aerodynamic bike in its class, but the comfort and efficiency outweigh aero gains. Ask those that have ridden and won on it. No doubt you’ll be researching in forums and reviews, look at what the pro athletes have to say about it.


 Super X Carbon Cyclcross

When disc brakes became legal for professional cyclocross, Cannondale already had a trick up their sleeve with the new Super X cyclocross bike. The new top model with disc brakes is more compliant for better traction, control, and comfort than previous Super X bikes. When looking for a bike to abuse in terrible fall/winter conditions in the name of fun, look no further than the incredible Super X. If you’ve heard of Tim Johnson, you’ll know the Super X is fast. It looks very similar to the EVO and Flash with SAVE chainstays, continuous fiber top tube/seat stay, Delta seat tube/BB junction, etc. It is just optimized for cyclocross use. We’re crazy about cyclocross and many of us race on the Super X so we can tell you by experience that there is nothing like it. Cyclocross bikes are also highly versatile bikes for going wherever since they are mostly a road bike. It can be the perfect commuter bike with room for wider tires and a little heavier duty frame so you don’t feel out of place in gravel, dirt, and hopping off curbs.


CAADX Cyclocross

CAADX is a more affordable alternative to the Super X. It is equally at home in a cyclocross race as it is with racks and fenders as a commuter bike. The CAADX is available in two builds this year to match your budget. Since cyclocross season is just a few months long, the CAADX is a great second bike and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get one. The disc-equipped model is going to beg you to go more places and do more things than you could before.


Road cycling gets more and more popular every year. Many cyclists are drifting toward doing more road riding because of the convenience and freedom. Open your garage and you’re on your way! There are lots of different types of road bikes to choose from to fit every budget from Cannondale.

Whether you are a hardcore racer, or a first time recreational rider, you can benefit from a high performance bike. Join us for our weekly club rides, or join our race team. When you get involved with other cyclists in the area, road riding is much more fun.

Compare any other road bike on the market to one of our Cannondales and you’ll see the performance and value only Cannondale can deliver. Combined with our Infinite Lifetime Service and Membership Rewards, you’d be crazy to buy another bike!


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