Fat Bike Rentals

  • The Bikes

    We have a fleet of 2015 and 2016 Charge Cooker Maxi fat bikes for rental this winter. We are also renting 24″ kids Charge Cooker fat bikes too! The Charge is a great bike to try out winter fat biking.

  • The Fun

    Fat bikes have exploded in popularity here in Utah over the last few years. Here’s a neat video of what you can do on snow with a fat bike.

  • Fat Bike Tire

  • Want to rent a fat bike?

    Our rental fleet is divided among our three stores. If you are reserving 4 or more bikes, we will transfer your rentals to the Infinite Cycles location of your choice. You may look at the schedule below or call us at any time to get current and future availability.

Join the Conversation

  • The Fat Bike Utah group on Facebook is an active one, posting trail conditions and creating ride gatherings. Some really nice people are grooming the trails. Join the group and stay up on Fat Bikes in Utah!

    Fat Bike Utah on Facebook

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The Rates

  • 4 Hour Rental

    Give fat biking a try!

    • Ride your local trails
    • Ride around your snowy neighborhood
    • No reservations on 4 hour rentals
    • Due back before the store closes
    • Kids rate: $20/4 hours

    $30/4 hours

  • 1 Day Rental

    Go out for the day!

    • Ride your favorite trails
    • Try a fat bike race
    • Make it a scouting activity
    • Keep the fat bike overnight
    • Reserve your rental in advance
    • Kids Rate: $35/24 hours

    $45/24 hours

  • Weekly Rental

    Go on a fat bike adventure!

    • Ride at the family cabin
    • Explore new areas
    • Take a trip over the holiday break
    • Reserve early to guarantee availability
    • Kids Rate: $140/week


Rate and Rental Period Details: A 4-hour rental is due back before the store closes the day it is rented. A 1 Day rental goes overnight. If there is an existing reservation for the returning day on the bike you’ve rented, your rental is due back at 11:00 am. Bikes rented on Saturday are due back Monday at 11:00 am and count as a 1 Day rental.

Real Time Rental Availability

This project is in beta – always call us to guarantee availability and make a reservation. Please don’t rely solely on this spreadsheet for making plans. Availability will only be displayed for today and the two following days.

Click this link to see the most up to date spreadsheet http://goo.gl/qqQKCS. The spreadsheet below may be outdated.

We’re making an effort to make our fat bike rental availability public. Because we are closed on Sundays, availability does not make them available.

What to Expect

We want your fat bike rental to be as easy as possible.

  • Pickup

    At the time of pickup, you will review and sign the rental contract and liability waiver. Minors cannot rent without a parent/guardian present. If you’d like to use your own pedals, please bring them with you (with or without the rest of your bike) and we will install them at no charge. You will inspect your rental for any visual damage and indicate on the rental contract. The rental fee and deposit is due at the time of pickup (reservations require the rental fee at time of reservation). Your rental bike will be clean and tuned up, ready to go.

  • Return

    When you return your rental, we will inspect for damage and cleanliness. We appreciate if you wash and dry your rental bike prior to return to avoid the cleaning fee. After an inspection, we’ll evaluate if any fees have been incurred and refund your deposit at that time. We will trade out your pedals if you brought your own.


Call or visit one of our stores to reserve your fat bike rental. We anticipate the rental demand to be high on weekends and on holidays. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. A full deposit for the rental is required at time of reservation. Cancellations on rentals must be made at least 48 hours prior to the pickup time to receive a refund. No refunds will be given if the rental is not picked up or if it is cancelled within 48 hours of pickup. Reserved rentals are available to pickup after 12:00 pm on the day of the reservation. They may be available earlier, but are not guaranteed.

What is included in a rental?

Rentals include a well-tuned 2015 Charge Cooker Maxi 1 fat bike with standard flat pedals and a water bottle cage. Rentals do not include any automobile racks, helmets, pumps, tools, or any of the other things you’d want to take while riding. Take this into account when renting a fat bike from Infinite Cycles. Make sure you have the right clothing for the weather conditions.

What makes a fat bike different than a regular mountain bike?

Fat bikes are unique in a number of ways in their construction. The wheel axles are much wider than standard bicycles and do not fit standard bike racks. We recommend a truck or trailer for transportation. Most fat bikes have no suspension because the tires have such a high air volume. The air pressure is run very low – like 8-15 psi depending on the terrain. Getting the right air pressure makes all the difference. Fat bikes do not go super fast and generally have low gearing.

Rental Fine Print

The following is an overview of the terms of rental. You will be provided with a paper copy with full details at the time of pickup.

Extension of Rental Period

If you are renting a fat bike and want to extend your rental period, you must call us to check availability. If your bike has been previously reserved, the rental will not be extended and the rental must be returned on time.


The renter is responsible for the care and condition of the rental bike while in his/her care. The renter takes responsibility for damage or loss of the rental.


A refundable $100 deposit is required at pickup for each bike rented. Any late charges, fees, or damage will be deducted from that deposit. The balance will be refunded when the rental bikes are returned.

Fees and Charges

Cleaning fee (if the bicycle requires more than a wipedown with a rag) $30
Rusty Chain $5
Flat tire repair (includes tube, sealant, and installation labor) $28
Mechanical repairs are billed for necessary parts and labor
Cosmetic damage $5 per area
Functional damages are billed at the replacement price of the affected parts and labor
Full bicycle replacement for complete loss of rental bike $1,000, $350 24″ Bike

Late Fees

Punctuality on rental returns is critical in order to keep our rental and reservation system running smoothly. Late fees will be assessed and deducted from the deposit return.

Late 10 to 30 minutes $10
Late 30 to 60 minutes $20
Late more than 60 minutes $45