Infinite Cycles Team Organization

This team organization is in an early form and will likely change. If you are interested in helping organize and manage something to the team’s benefit, let us know and we’ll be happy to add you to the list.

  • Infinite Cycles shop representatives

    • Cameron Smart
    • Brad Rowberry
    • Scott Allred

    Team representatives

    • Scott Johnston
    • Tom Pace
    • Billy Rappleye

    Training Coordinators

    • Travis Kerns
    • Jim Sawka (Technical Training).
    • Nate Zarlengo (Triathlon/ TT)

    Group Ride Coordinators

    • Darin Boyd (Saturdays)
    • Steven Parry (Sundays)

    Criterium Coordinators

    • Jason Duran (B flight)
    • Troy Huebner and Kevin Zollinger (C flight)

    Endurance/ Epic Ride Coordinators (Lotoja, Tour de Park City, Rockwell, various century rides)

    • Cameron Benson
    • Nathan Chai
    • Mike George
    • Mike Russell
  • Team Training Camp Coordinators

    • Darin Boyd
    • Mckay Robinson
    • Braden Burrup

    Logistics Coordinators for team camp, epic rides and races

    • Brian Killion (lodging)
    • Jason Hawks (transportation)

    Information and reporting

    • Mike Russell
    • Darin Boyd
    • Kevin Zollinger

    Calendar Maintenance

    • Billy Rappleye
    • Troy Huebner

    Women’s Group Coordinator

    • Dixie Robinson
    • Kari Slade
    • Heidi Huntsman

    UCA Team Race Leader

    • Troy Huebner, Daren Campbell (35+)
    • Derek Goronson, Andrew Willman, Eric Brands (Cat 5)
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