Cannondale Experts

We are The Cannondale Experts.

    • 2011, Infinite Cycles was named a Top 50 Cannondale Dealer in North America
    • 2012, Infinite Cycles was named a Top 5 Cannondale Dealer in North America
    • 2013, Infinite Cycles was named the #3 Cannondale Dealer in North America
    • 2014, Infinite Cycles was named the #3 Cannondale Dealer in North America

As we are so focused on Cannondale, we naturally attract questions from customers both locally and around the world about getting the hard-to-find parts for their Cannondale bikes, cranks, and forks. For all the small parts you need, visit Online ordering is open 24/7 and we ship all over the world.

  • We believe Cannondale is the best bicycle manufacturer in terms of innovation, quality, performance, technology, value, engineering, and durability. We see more old Cannondales on the road and trail than other brands. They have always had a passion and commitment to making their products unconventionally better. Cannondale’s commitment to the rider gives you a lifetime warranty on every frame.

A few examples of Cannondale’s pioneering innovation are:

  • Headshock – the concept of suspension using bearings instead of bushings
  • Lefty – the single-sided fork that is much better than the competition
  • BB30 – simplifying while improving the bottom bracket interface. Cannondale recently allowed other manufacturers to use BB30 to improve the industry.
  • System Integration – fewer, better parts make the whole bike lighter, stronger, smoother… faster
  • Aluminum frames – at a time when steel wasn’t just real, it was all there was

Cam with 2009 Cannondale Rize 3 - Lefty

Compare Cannondale against any other brand on the market today and see for yourself. Part for part, ounce for ounce, and dollar for dollar, you’ll be impressed.

We are proud to be parters with Cannondale to bring you the best bikes. Match that with our unmatched Lifetime Service and our Membership Rewards program, and it is easy to see why Infinite Cycles should be your bike shop.