Membership Rewards

Membership Rewards Card

Get 10% back instantly on qualifying purchases!

Join our Membership Rewards program for only $40 for a two year membership and get 10% back instantly in store credit on qualifying purchases. Your Rewards credit can be used toward the purchase of a bike, accessories, gifts, parts, or repairs… anything! Your balance is carried on your Infinite Rewards card shown on the right.

Qualifying purchases roll together into your next big purchase. You can also use a little credit on each purchase. Use it on parts, accessories, labor… Its your credit, you can do whatever you want with it.

Why do you do this?

We want loyal customers. Without you we would not exist. We want to give something back to our customers that have helped us to grow and become what we are today.

Example of what you could get by joining our Rewards Membership:

If you buy a $2000 bike and the $40 membership, you get $200 added to your Rewards card. For $200, you could get 2 extra tubes ($14), a bottle and cage ($15), a decent helmet ($55), cycling shorts ($50), a CO2 inflator ($20), and still have $46 to spare for a rainy day!


Qualifying purchases are only on regular priced items, repairs, and services (excludes sale or clearance items). Gift cards or certificates cannot be purchased with the Rewards card. Rewards cannot be redeemed and received on the same transaction, it is one or the other.