Dear Infinite Cycles Family and Friends - We were recently approached by another bicycle shop to purchase our Highland/Lehi location and as of August 31st we are no longer in operation there. The same products and services continue at our Riverton location and online at We hope to see you there soon!

Infinite Lifetime Service

Never pay for a regular tune up again!

Infinite Cycles provides Lifetime Service free with every bike we sell. Everything included in our Complete Tune is covered in our Infinite Lifetime Service. We have the best post-purchase service in the industry! No other bike shop in offers anything like it.

What is included in Infinite Lifetime Service?

  • Install tubes and standard tubed tires purchased at Infinite Cycles
  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments
  • Brake adjustments
  • Hub bearing adjustments
  • Wheel truing
  • Headset adjustments
  • Bottom bracket adjustments
  • Lube chain

Save lots of money!

You’ll save hundreds of dollars on maintenance over the life of your new bike.

If the average bike needs one complete tune up, two quick tunes, and three flat repairs each year, that is about $236 per year. That savings adds up to over $700 over just three years, the price of a new bike! Get that all for free when you buy your next bike from Infinite Cycles.

Why give away so much service?

Here’s why we do it: we want you to ride your new bike forever, or until you want to replace your bike. Making bikes a part of your life is what we are about. If your bike doesn’t work right, you won’t ride it. Imagine not having to worry about constantly paying for repeat adjustments. It's nice!

Lifetime Service Fine Print

Be aware of the following exclusions:

  • Infinite Lifetime Service is only available to the original owner and is non-transferable.
  • Service is done on a first-come, first-served basis. While we strive to provide same-day service for many adjustments, you may need to leave your bike with us for a few days or make an appointment.
  • Repairs caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, or problems caused outside intended use are not covered by the Infinite Lifetime Service. This is determined by Infinite Cycles and is not negotiable. These repairs will incur additional charges.
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered. Installation of new brake pads, chains, cassettes, etc, will be charged standard shop rates.
  • Bike cleaning and washing is not part of Lifetime Service.
  • Used bikes sold at Infinite Cycles are not covered. Blemished, demo, and show bikes do include Lifetime Service.
  • Installation or adjustment of new components (other than tubes and standard clincher tires) not purchased from Infinite Cycles is not included.
  • Installing or servicing tubeless tires and sealant are not covered by Lifetime Service.